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  1. BuzziNest Pod

    As low as R326 008,53 R326 008,53
  2. BuzziNest Booth

    As low as R158 307,14 R158 307,14
  3. BuzziGrid

    As low as R36 164,54 R36 164,54
  4. BuzziLand

    As low as R10 439,30 R10 439,30
  5. BuzziDee Plus

    As low as R18 934,74 R18 934,74
  6. BuzziDee Trio

    As low as R11 071,32 R11 071,32
  7. BuzziDee Solo Large

    As low as R7 996,82 R7 996,82
  8. BuzziDee Solo

    As low as R4 735,96 R4 735,96
  9. BuzziZepp

    As low as R41 162,55 R41 162,55
  10. BuzziDome

    As low as R34 619,48 R34 619,48
  11. BuzziKey

    As low as R2 582,60 R2 582,60
  12. BuzziTab

    As low as R2 452,96 R2 452,96

Items 1-12 of 42

per page
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BuzziSpace design some of the most aesthetically appealing acoustic solutions in the industry, with products ranging from panels and wall coverings to innovative furniture units and meeting pods. We're delighted to be able to bring you a selection of their products that you can buy online now. Take a look at each product in more detail to see the colours and designs available, as well as acoustic specification.

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