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Acoustic Lighting

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  1. Ecophon Solo Rectangle Line

    R11 632,27 R11 632,27
  2. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Focus Ceiling Light

    As low as R13 138,65 R13 138,65
  3. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Decipio Lighting

    As low as R12 613,77 R12 613,77
  4. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Umbra Lighting

    As low as R15 266,94 R15 266,94
  5. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Pendant Spark

    As low as R14 827,19 R14 827,19
  6. Abstracta Scala Ceiling Absorber

    As low as R13 377,77 R13 377,77
  7. Abstracta Trumpet Light Absorber

    As low as R15 139,74 R15 139,74
  8. Abstracta Lily Acoustic Light Absorber

    As low as R16 667,74 R16 667,74
  9. BuzziZepp

    As low as R41 332,10 R41 332,10
  10. BuzziDome

    As low as R34 762,08 R34 762,08
  11. BuzziDonut

    As low as R11 460,03 R11 460,03
  12. BuzziCone

    As low as R14 265,20 R14 265,20

Items 1-12 of 23

per page
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Acoustic Lighting

Here at Muffle we aim to bring our customers a wide selection of functional acoustic products, and acoustic lighting is one of our most exciting ranges. By creating hanging lighting units constructed from acoustic materials, manufacturers have brought together two functional design elements into one attractive decoration.

Our acoustic lighting range includes products from leading design companies including BuzziSpace, as well as Italian brand Snowsound. Whether you’re looking for an ornate design for a restaurant or bar, or you’d prefer a modern look for an office or meeting room environment, there’s sure to be an option in this section. Browse through the products to see the colours, fabrics and specifications available, or get in touch if you have any questions.

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