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Acoustic Pods

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  1. ROOM Phone Booth

    As low as R69 712,67 R69 712,67
  2. Outdoor Pod

    As low as R89 475,12 R89 475,12
  3. Meeting Booth

    As low as R46 435,43 R46 435,43
  4. Container Box

    As low as R86 679,47 R86 679,47
  5. Meeting Box

    As low as R77 392,38 R77 392,38
  6. Escape Pod

    R112 930,96 R112 930,96
  7. Meeting Pod

    As low as R52 564,90 R52 564,90
  8. BuzziNest Pod

    As low as R327 351,31 R327 351,31
  9. BuzziNest Booth

    As low as R158 959,19 R158 959,19
  10. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Chatpod Phone Booth

    As low as R120 603,13 R120 603,13
  11. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Chatpod Focus Pod

    As low as R148 980,33 R148 980,33
  12. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Chatpod Meeting Pod

    As low as R219 923,35 R219 923,35

Items 1-12 of 19

per page
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Acoustic Pods

In open plan offices and other large spaces, it can be hard to control the acoustics for those who require peace and quiet. However, acoustic furniture, and pods in particular, are an excellent option for those looking for functional, beautiful solutions. In this section you’ll find a wide selection of products, ranging from stands and screens, to fully contained seating units and booths.

Acoustic pods create a small space in which people can converse, work and even meet, all in a quiet environment free from excessive noise or echo. They’re available as small phone booths, as well as pods that allow two people to sit in acoustic comfort and meet in privacy.
Our acoustic pods and acoustic furniture come from high quality brands including BuzziSpace and Frem Group. Browse through the range to see all of the options available, or get in touch if you have any questions about our office pods, screens and seating units.

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