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Woolly Shepherd

Woolly Shepherd

The Woolly Shepherd are a go to brand if your main concern is excessive reverberation. Their sustainable acoustic solutions successfully reduce background noise and improve the noise quality of a space.

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The Woolly Shepherd

The Woolly Shepherd

The Woolly Shepherd is an acoustics company that independently design and produce sustainable acoustic solutions using natural fibres and materials. Their acoustic panels and baffles mainly work to reduce excessive reverberation in a space.

We’re pleased to be able to supply a range of their excellent sound absorbing panels and acoustic baffles to strengthen your environment. With The Woolly Shepherd’s acoustic solutions, you can reduce background noise and improve speech intelligibility to create a less stressful and more productive environment.

Embracing such a strong belief in the marriage between functional and stylish, The Woolly Shepherd always strive to create unique and thoughtfully designed acoustic panels and baffles. With their acoustic solutions you will be able to enhance the aesthetic of a room as well as it’s acoustic environment.

If you have any questions about products from The Woolly Shepherd, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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