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Ecophon Solo Circles - White Frost (Sold in Packs)

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Perfect for use in existing or new build projects, Solo™ panels are suspended rafts which offer a simple, flexible way to improve a room's acoustics. Solo is a  tried and tested acoustic solution which has been used in projects across the UK and Ireland. 

Fixings included: our Ecophon solo rafts are supplied with the correct number of hanging kits. Please note: they may arrive separately, delivered by Royal Mail.

Sold in Packs of 4 (1600mm in Packs of 3) / Prices displayed per pack. 

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Solo™ panels are suspended acoustic ceiling rafts that offer a simple, flexible way to improve a room's acoustics, without the need for a traditional suspended ceiling. This 1200mm large circle is a dramatic look and is perfect for use in projects when high coverage is important for the removal of unwanted sound and the reduction of echoes.

This 1200mm acoustic circle is a simple to install and tried and tested solution which has been used in hundreds of projects across the UK and Ireland.

The surface of the panel is painted on all sides in our unique Akutex FT surface, in white. The painted finish combined with the glasswool core offers a panel that offers great visual appeal, as well as outstanding acoustic performance.


Fittings Available!
The installation of the Solo™ panel is simple, with the kits included to ensure ease of fitting. Please note, these lightweight suspended panels will need to be fixed into the ceiling safely, so please ensure that your surface and the fixing method you use are adequate to hold the weight of the panel. The Solo™ Circle panel is has an approximate weight of 4kg. 

Installation Wire suspending Kit: 

  • Adjustable Wire Kit
  • Connect Absorber anchor

Installation Hook Kit: 

  • Connect Absorber bracket
  • Connect Absorber anchor

Installation Supsended Pyramid Kit (1200mm Only)

  • Adjustable Wire Kit
  • Connect One Point fixing 
  • Connect Absorb anchor 


The core of these high performance free hanging acoustic rafts are manufactured from a unique third generation glasswool, combining up to 70% recycled content with a plant-based binding agent and no added formaldehyde, for optimal acoustic and indoor air quality performance. 

Please note there is a lead time of 2-3 weeks for the 1600mm diameter panels.

Installation Instructions:

Please see delivery page for shipping details.

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