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When it comes to soundproofing a music studio, creating a home office or soundproofing a room for meditation, there can be a lot to consider. Bass traps, absorption tiles, diffusers and other soundproofing solutions are ideal for creating the best space possible for your needs.

At Muffle, we’re very pleased to offer a range of options. We provide solutions for both control rooms and recording rooms as well as solutions for your perfect home cinema, which means that residential and commercial applications alike can benefit from the noise control products we offer. Creating an office space, a fortress of solitude or everything in between and you’re not sure what’s right for your space, then please give us a call or use our live chat function. A member of the Muffle team will be happy to help you with the options.
Here is our Home Installation Guide. 


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  1. Fluffo IZO Soundproofing Wall Panels

    As low as R400,46 R400,46
  2. Autex Composition

    As low as R575,48 R575,48
  3. Muffle Foam- Eggbox

    R649,30 R649,30
  4. Muffle Foam- Flat

    R834,85 R834,85
  5. Karma Acoustic Perimeter Strip

    As low as R75,01 R75,01
  6. AkustikWand

    As low as R2 216,99 R2 216,99
  7. Space Mist Spray Adhesive

    As low as R251,62 R251,62
  8. Muffle Foam- Pyramid

    R1 387,70 R1 387,70
  9. Jumbo Sealant Gun

    As low as R333,78 R333,78

Items 1-12 of 14

per page
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