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Soundproofing Offices

Workplace environments are amongst the most important areas for soundproofing and conditioning, a noisy work environment can drastically reduce productivity and overall well-being, therefore, soundproofing your workspace is an efficient practice to help everyone thrive. Also, dependent on the nature of work involved, soundproofing is a fundamental for creative environments, business suites and Industrial applications. Here at Muffle, we can help achieve a perfect working environment offering great performance and a stylish finish.

We provide solutions for gyms for both residential and commercial applications. If you’re not sure what’s right for your space or if you have a specific gym solution you would like, then please give us a call or use our live chat function. A member of our Muffle team will be happy to help you.

Here is our Office Installation Guide. 




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  1. Meeting Booth Meeting Booth New

    Meeting Booth

    As low as R46 244,95 R46 244,95
  2. Container Box Container Box New

    Container Box

    As low as R86 323,91 R86 323,91
  3. Meeting Box Meeting Box New

    Meeting Box

    As low as R77 074,92 R77 074,92
  4. Escape Pod Escape Pod New

    Escape Pod

    R112 467,72 R112 467,72
  5. Meeting Pod

    As low as R52 349,29 R52 349,29
  6. BuzziNest Pod

    As low as R326 008,53 R326 008,53
  7. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Chatpod Focus Pod

    As low as R177 865,20 R177 865,20
  8. IMPACT ACOUSTIC Chatpod Meeting Pod

    As low as R262 562,83 R262 562,83
  9. Oasis Linear Team Pod

    As low as R165 217,01 R165 217,01
  10. Oasis Linear Duo Pod

    As low as R143 253,03 R143 253,03

Items 1-12 of 21

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