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Soundproofing Foam

Soundproofing Foam

Our foam solutions are a key element to all soundproofing applications, its light and durable quality makes it an ideal product for Industrial, Homes and studios installation.

Here at Muffle we offer high quality, high performing foam for every requirement. If you’re not sure what’s right for your space, then please give us a call or use our live chat function. A member of the Muffle team will be happy to help you with the options.

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  1. Superlag

    R641,76 R641,76
  2. Luminaire Cover

    R793,57 R793,57
  3. SoundBlocker

    R113,71 R113,71
  4. Muffle Foam- Pyramid

    R1 387,70 R1 387,70
  5. Muffle Foam- Eggbox

    R649,30 R649,30
  6. Muffle Foam- Flat

    R834,85 R834,85

7 Items

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