IMPACT ACOUSTIC Chatpod Meeting Pod

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Meeting Chatpod
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With its design and materials, the chatpod contributes to improve room acoustics and provides a visual barrier in any existing workspace landscape. The chatpod's interior is soundproof, while the exterior helps reduce echoes, background noise and reverberations in the open office. It also increases sound quality and wellbeing in your team.  

  • Built-in power, lighting and ventilation system.
  • Tinted glass door.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Available in 26 colours.
  • Pre-assembled parts made easy to install.


Meeting pod size (mm):

2 seats: 935 x 2000 x 2200 /  4 Seats: 1825 x 2000 x 2200 /  6 Seats: 2725 x 2000 x 2200