MuffleStick Circle Self-Adhesive Acoustic Panel

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MuffleStick is a highly sound absorbent self-adhesive panel designed for easy application and to provide great acoustic benefits. The high-performance acoustic panel has achieved a Class A sound absorption rating, making it highly effective at acoustically treating your space. Reduce reverberation and create an optimum acoustic experience with MuffleStick.

  • Made from quality melamine foam
  • Highly effective – Class A sound absorption
  • Blazer Lite fabric
  • Wide range of colours to choose from
  • Designed for effortless installation – a simple peel and stick application

Dimensions (mm): Ø800 x 40 / Ø1000 x 40 / Ø1200 x 40

Sold per panel / Price displayed per panel

MuffleStick Circle offers a simplistic, straightforward design that can be used to enhance the interior décor of any space, as well as improve the overall acoustics with its sound absorbing capabilities. MuffleStick doesn’t require any tools, nails, or mess to install – making it the perfect option for a DIY project.

MuffleStick is a self-adhesive wall panel designed to be installed easily with its simple peel and stick application method.

Step 1: Measure the area of the wall in which you are installing the panel and mark the corner points to give yourself a guide.

Step 2: Remove the protective yellow sheet on the back of the panel.

Step 3: Place the panel on the wall in line with your wall markings and press down firmly, ensuring pressure is placed on all areas of the panel.

Please note, that this wall application is permanent.

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Dimensions (mm): Ø800 x 40 / Ø1000 x 40 / Ø1200 x 40

Sold per panel / Price displayed per panel