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MuffleTile (Pack of 8)

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MuffleTile direct fix acoustic ceiling tiles are adhered directly to the ceiling and offer a perfect solution for areas where there is minimal ceiling height.

Tile Size: 1200x600x30mm

sold in packs

*Adhesive not included, 3 cans recommended per pack.

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What is MuffleTile

  • Class B absorber
  • No chemical fibres
  • White finish with bevel edge
  • Impact resistance
  • No framework required for installation
  • Ideal for use in schools, offices, restaurants; anywhere where good speech intelligibility and acoustics are required

MuffleTile acoustic tiles are easy and quick to install and do not require any specialist tools. The sound absorbing tiles can be cut on site by using a sharp knife. The tile is light weight and very easy to handle for quick installation.

MuffleTile is bonded using contact adhesive; make sure that 100% of the tile is covered with the contact adhesive. Also ensure that 100% of the ceiling surface is covered in the adhesive. When applying the tile to the surface there must be no dampness, condensation or cold bridging; the ceiling surface must be flat and not have any residue which will affect the bonding of the tile to the surface. 1 can of our contact adhesive (500ml) is required per three tiles, you will receive three cans of adhesive per box of 8 tiles ordered.

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