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Mitesco Totem Panel Stand

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Free standing panel holder for the Mitesco Wall Panels (sold separately)

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Mitesco Totem is a aesthetically pleasing acoustic vertical feature from the Mitesco family. The Totem can be freestanding and can also be re positioned to wherever they are needed adding visual interest, acoustic relief and some privacy to any interior landscape. The Mitesco panel used on the Totem has the same acoustic properties on both sides. The stand is cast iron and available in either white or silver and can either hold one Mitesco panel (single sided) or two Mitesco panels (double sided).

  • Patented design by Italian acoustic specialists Caimi Brevetti
  • Efficient sound absorbent ultra thin panel only 35 mm thick.
  • Snowsound® Technology
  • Polyester inner core, polyester outer fabric (one single material). 100% recyclable.
  • Design by Michele De Lucchi
  • Free from harmful substances (certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100)
  • Polyester covering in Trevira CS® fabric
  • Hard edge, light weight double sided panels, easy to position and install.
  • Non Toxic.

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