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Meet our team

Through cross-team collaboration, our growing team are able to deliver a first class online experience and create individual relationships with our customers.

Meet our board of directors!

Since launching in April 2019 our directors have worked tirelessly to deliver on our promise to provide the best experience for our customers. The process has been relentless but by being committed and working non-stop our management has pulled it off and created an innovative website and an amazing place to work!

Jim - Director

As a Co-Founder and Director with several other successful businesses, Jim contributes an abundance of knowledge on business looking at it from the outside in. He's constantly looking for ways to improve and drive Muffle forward and often visits the team to motivate and share his ideas. Outside work, you’ll find him hitting it hard at the gym or out in the countryside.

Andy - Managing Director

As Co-Founder and Managing Director, Andy oversees all aspects of the business. With a history of working in acoustics and business combined, he's incredibly knowledgeable on the subject and taking this sector online to the masses. Always happy to help wherever he is needed and when he's not busy managing the business, he enjoys joins some down time with friends and family.

Philipp - Director

Philipp contributes greatly to workplaces by providing the right acoustic solutions to ensure healthier and more productive environments. With around 20 years of experience in construction, sales, and marketing, there’s no better man for the job. Outside work, Philipp is a rugby coach for a youth team, loves skiing, and is often chasing his playful Siamese cat.

Andrea - Company Secretary

As Co-Founder and company secretary, Andrea supports the board and all matters relating to HR and company strategy across the business. Andrea is heavily involved in several other businesses, and she is well known for her positive energy that never fails to put a smile on everyone's faces when she visits the Muffle office.

Meet our sales team!

Your first port of call with any sales related enquiries, our team are always happy to help, available by phone, email or through the chat system on our website. If you have any questions in regards to products then they're only one step away.

James H - Sales Team Leader

James has over three years of experience in sales. Now as our International Sales Manager, James deals with incoming enquiries and projects as well as assisting and managing the international sales team. James is a big foodie and loves to cook and try new foods. He also enjoys keeping fit by running and playing football in his spare time.

Darren - American Sales Advisor

Darren has a strong 25-year background in procurement, logistics, and sales within the construction industry. He's now responsible for our US market, answering queries, offering advice, ensuring orders are fulfilled and customers are happy. In his spare time, he loves music, keeping fit and travelling. He even knows how to juggle clubs!

Vanessa - French Sales Advisor

Vanessa has a solid background in sales and customer service. Now as a sales advisor for our French customers, she strives to provide the best experience for each one of our customers and prides herself on good customer service. Outside of work, she loves sport and meditation, but her guilty pleasure is a good glass of wine and a cheese platter.

Meet our Commercial team!

The team handle everything regarding the on boarding process including sourcing new products and brands. They also conduct regular reviews and competitor analysis to ensure all our prices are as competitive as possible - making Muffle the place to go!

Jessica - Supply Chain & Logistics Manager

Jessica is responsible for procurement and ensuring products are transported across all countries safely and efficiently. She also manages the rest of the commercial team, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible behind the scenes. When she's not working, she's usually busy spoiling her two dogs and enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine.

Ethan - Commercial Coordinator

Starting as an apprentice at the very beginning of Muffle, Ethan has worked every job in the company. Now settled into a commercial role, he focuses on organising transport, coordinating logistics, and processing online orders. He's known for his unique sense of humour and love of cars and when he's not at work is often enjoying a long drive.

Cathy - Procurement Assistant

Working closely with Jessica and Ethan, Cathy focuses on ensuring our prices are always competitive and up to date on the website. She also supports the team to make sure all commercial work is completed quickly and efficiently. Cathy is always a positive light around the office and never fails to be the last man standing on a Muffle night out!

Meet our Digital team!

Muffle are ahead of the curve with our social media channels and advertising activities. Anything you see online about Muffle will have been thought up and created by this team.

Adam - Head of Marketing

Adam is responsible for marketing strategy and data analysis as well as overseeing the whole marketing team. With an extensive background in marketing, he brings copious amount of knowledge and experience to the business. When he's not hard at work, he's often busy fixing up an old car, enjoying a beer or two, or listening to music.

Katie - Product Manager

As Product Manager, Katie focuses on perfecting our product offering and refining our product pages to provide the best experience for our visitors. She's also constantly on the lookout for new products that we can offer our customers. She's always positive around the office, and when she's not in work she can usually be found enjoying a gym session.

PJ - Digital Systems Manager

PJ ensures all our internal systems are running smoothly to make processes as efficient as possible. He also identifies areas of improvement on the website and liaises with our web developers so we can provide the best possible experience for our customers. To wind down, he loves gaming and playing with his 4 pet ferrets that he shares with his girlfriend.

Maggie - SEO Executive

Maggie is responsible for making sure our website is visible on search engines. She consistently produces content across the sites from blogs to product descriptions. Having worked in digital marketing for a few years, she's got plenty of experience. In her spare time, she enjoys painting or watching a film with a few beers.

Molly - Social Media Executive

With a creative flare, Molly consistently produces compelling content for all our social media platforms. Having worked in social media since 2019, she brings heaps of knowledge and experience to the role! She's known for her obsession with Stitch, the cartoon character, and her bubbly personality that always brings joy to the office.

Levi - Digital Marketing Apprentice

Levi helps the team with ad-hoc marketing tasks but mainly focuses on ensuring products on the site are as user-friendly and attractive as possible. Having had previous marketing and graphic design roles, she brings an eye for detail and great ideas. When she’s not working, she enjoys designing tattoos, gaming, and looking after her pet rabbit Boo.

Meet our finance team!

These are the staff members who help with the every day running of the office and keep on top of our finances to make sure everything is in order.

Jason - Financial Controller

Jason works on keeping all our accounts in order, ensuring payments are made and overseeing money coming in and out of the company. He brings a plethora of knowledge and experience, having worked in finance and accounting related roles since he was 18. In his spare time, he enjoys a gig or two, spending time with his daughter and watching football.

Kat - Finance Assistant

Kat helps both the finance and commercial teams with their day-to-day tasks to keep things running as smoothly as possible. She regularly assists with packing and shipping sample orders to our customers alongside helping Jason with ad-hoc finance tasks. In her spare time, she creates an array of memory and keepsake items and sells them on her website.

Amelia - Finance Apprentice

Starting her level 3 AAT in January 2024, Amelia is learning the ropes of finance whilst helping the rest of the team with their daily tasks. She's hoping to work her way up and gain plenty of experience in the field. As a semi-professional singer in her spare time, she's sung around the world, and we can't wait to hear her crush everyone at our next karaoke night!