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IMPACT ACOUSTIC Supra Desk Division

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Supra Division

A simple, adaptable and func­tional system that works with sliding workstation tabletop. The Supra acoustic partition wall follows the trend of demateri­alisation where all unnecessary parts of an acoustic workstation partition have been removed, providing effective acoustic performance whilst adding a dynamic edge to your workspace.

  • Held by powder coated circular brackets.
  • Can be mounted on to any standard workstation tabletop.
  • Includes round adapters 10-32mm (RAL 9005). 
  • Several sizes and colours available. 
  • Choose between plain or perforated.


Sizes outlined below.

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Perforation Options

Desk perforations


Dimensions (mm): 

1180 x 450 x 24

1400 x 450 x 24

1600 x 450 x 24

1800 x 450 x 24

1180 x 550 x 24

1400 x 550 x 24

1600 x 550 x 24

1800 x 550 x 24

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