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IMPACT ACOUSTIC Hanging Division

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These hanging divisions act as great partitions for any open space. Available in many designs, sizes and colours, these screens add a dynamic feature to a room whilst sustaining high acoustic performance.

  • Hung from the ceiling from 2 predetermined panel points.
  • 2 sets of retaining brackets and tensile cable fixing (included).
  • 3 sizes available.
  • Multiple pattern and colour options.

Dimensions (mm): 1800 x 2400 x 24/ 900 x 2400 x 24 / 1200 x 2800 x 12

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The hanging acoustic room dividers with an abstract design of a forest form a coherent picture when they are mirrored and installed next to each other. The design has a 18% perforation and a maximum cut-out compared to other hanging partition designs.

The harmonious distribution of the round perforations of the acoustic room divider is based on the Delaunay triangulation. This principle can be found everywhere in nature and has a calming and visually soothing effect.

Dimensions (mm): 1800 x 2400 x 24/ 900 x 2400 x 24 / 1200 x 2800 x 12

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