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Fluffo SOFT Pixel Semi-Rift L

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This panel is designed to work in harmony with Pixel Rift L. It allows a gradual and smooth transition of the grooved surface, making it great for large surfaces.

Add a decorative touch of colour to your interior with these Fluffo wall panels that simultaneously soundproof the room. The Fluffo SOFT collection offers a wide selection of colours to meet many creative needs.

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Fluffo SOFT is a collection of creative, soundproofing wall panels which are available in a wide selection of colours, shapes and thicknesses. They soundproof a room in a beautiful and stylish way. With Fluffo SOFT you can enjoy a cosy, quiet and most importantly, beautiful interior.

Collection Name: Fluffo SOFT

Model Name: Pixel Semi-Rift L

Available Thickness: 30mm

Surface of a Single Panel: 0.25m2

4 Panels: 1.00m2

Weight of a Single Panel: 300g

Recommended Adhesive: Fluffo Fix 280ml Cartridge.

Semi-Rift Diagram 500x5000x30

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