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Ecophon Hygiene Clinic (Sold in packs)

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Ecophon Hygiene Clinic

Ecophon Hygiene Clinic™ A and E are standard class A sound-absorbing ceilings for dry areas. The absorbers are low-emitting and thus ensures high indoor air quality, they are resistant to mould and bacteria growth and they withstand HPV cleaning.

  • Clinic A 600 x 600 (Pack of 40 tiles)
  • Clinic A 1200 x 600 (Pack of 20 tiles)
  • Clinic E 600 x 600 (Pack of 26 tiles)
  • Clinic E 1200 x 600 (Pack of 16 tiles)

Sold in packs / price displayed per pack 

As low as R4 135,75
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The system consists of Ecophon Hygiene Clinic™ A tiles and Ecophon Connect™ grid systems, with an approximate weight of 2,5 kg/m². The tiles are manufactured from high density glass wool. The visible surface has an Akutex™ T coating and the back of the tile is covered with glass tissue. The edges are primed. 

The grid is manufactured from galvanized steel. Grid supplied on request, please get in touch to arrange.


Clinic A 600x600 (Covers 14.4m2) - 2-3 working days

Clinic A 1200x600 (Covers 14.4m2) - 2-3 weeks

Clinic E 600x600 (Covers 9.36m2) - 2-3 weeks

Clinic E 1200x600 (Covers 11.52m2) - 6-8 weeks

Only available in white.

Sold in packs / price displayed per pack 

Please see delivery page for shipping details.

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