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BuzziSkin Acoustic Fabric

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Liven up your space with this bold fabric wallpaper - all while enhancing the acoustics. Made from soft 6mm thick BuzziFelt, BuzziSkin is available in 12 different colours, and makes for a wonderful addition to offices, waiting areas, and even residential spaces!

  • Includes self-adhesive backing for easy and straightforward installation
  • Available in 12 different colours
  • The perfect solution for reducing speech and high tones in a space
  • Made from 100% recycled PET bottles

Dimensions for 1 roll: 10m x 980mm

Find further information, including acoustic data, in the File Downloads section below.

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BuzziSkin Acoustic Wallpaper by BuzziSpace

Life is too short for boring walls! Enliven your space with this bold wallpaper-like fabric, all while enhancing the acoustics. It's a win-win.

Despite its small footprint, the large surface area provides excellent absorption capabilities. It is the perfect solution for reducing speech and high tones in a space, e.g. ringtones and typing sounds. This makes it an ideal solution in offices, reception areas, meeting rooms and more. Ideal to brighten up corners and nooks with a pinch of creativity, the tackable surface offers the possibility to personalize walls with notes and images.

We're also pleased to say that BuzziSkin is made from 100% recycled PET bottles; perfect for businesses and individuals that are environmentally conscious.

The self-adhesive backing of the skin rolls makes installation straightforward, with further information available in the File Downloads section.

Did you know this product is Quiet Mark certified?

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