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BuzziShade XL and XXL

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Nowadays, many open rooms that need acoustic treatment also need better lighting.

Both acoustics and lighting influence the personal well-being and are therefore the main contributors to a positive workspace.

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BuzziShade is made of a coated metal frame upholstered in a wide range of BuzziFelt colors. Regarding certifications, BuzziShade Pendant LED is both cULus and CE listed. The LED is not included in the price. If you would like to purchase a LED Globe or Disk with your BuzziShade XL or XXL please contact us. 

The iconic shade is now offered in plus sizes: BuzziShade XL and BuzziShade XXL. These oversized shades act as a cocoon with sound-absorbing capabilities, delimiting a space with elegance and silence.

This pendant lamp reduces external noise levels to a minimum. Thanks to the big surface it covers and its concave shape, it traps sound waves as they travel upwards. By placing this outstanding acoustic lighting element above the sound source, such as lounges or workstations, it absorbs a large amount of sound, creating a well-balanced sound experience.

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