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Meet this classic yet original noise-reducing lighting, which offers the best of both worlds: light and silence. This cone-shaped slim pendant in soft BuzziFelt offers elegant decorative light and powerful acoustic performance, being the perfect addition to any setting.

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The versatile range of models works perfectly as a cluster, in different colour choices.BuzziCone is available in a wide range of striking BuzziFelt colours. BuzziCone is available in 3 different models: 47, 102 and 133, due to their cone angle. Be even more creative by adding an extra layer of fabric to the BuzziFelt (inside or outside). Make your pick from 2 different lighting fixtures. Select the globe LED for a more decorative effect or the spot which offers direct functional light above a workstation or any table. BuzziCone consists of a round tube metal frame and a soft BuzziFelt shade. The push buttons in glossy black are the icing on the cake. This pendant lamp reduces external noise levels to a minimum. Thanks to the big surface it covers and its concave shape, it traps sound waves as they travel upwards. By placing this outstanding acoustic lighting element above the sound source, such as lounges or workstations, it absorbs a large amount of sound, creating a well-balanced sound experience.

Perfect for mid and high tones

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