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Autex Vicinity Polka Desk screen (Pack of 4)

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Vicinity Desk Screens are a simple acoustic solution for the modern workspace. The desk screens are lightweight, 100% polyester and designed to be fixed non-destructively to any desk via the vicinity desk clamps.

An understated design with simple contemporary shapes and a smooth finish, this desk screen combines a sophisticated look with high acoustic performance.

The Polka style has a creative aesthetic with a polka dot pattern and texture, designed with rounded corners for a softer look.

Sold In Packs (1 Pack = 4 Screens)

As low as R11 237,59
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These pressed screens come flat packed and can be easily assembled.

Polka Desk Screen Dimensions:

Polka-800_400: 772/380mm x 576mm


Key Features and Benefits:

Delivers excellent acoustic performance.

Easily customisable; flat screens can be customised in colour, size, shape, and thickness to fit your design aesthetic.

Customisation options for pressed screens include bespoke embossed patterns, custom colours, and custom shapes.

Vicinity Desk Clamps are non-destructive, easy to use, and fit a variety of desk sizes.

Solid colour and smooth finish, with no capping required.

Highly durable, providing long-term stability and performance.

Perfect for open-plan workspaces.

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