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Abstracta Soneo Wall Panel

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Soneo Wall, with its discreet smooth shape, can cover a large wall area and, thus, melt into the background. Exciting formations are created thanks to the colour of the absorbers and placement in relation to each other. Soneo Wall 100 has extra depth for better absorption. Soneo Wall is mounted on concealed fittings. The key feature of this product is the combination of absorption together with diffusion. Other features of the Soneo Wall are:

  • Recyclable materials. 
  • Emission-free production. 
  • Sound Absorbent filling. 
  • Square or Rectangular in shape. 
  • Available in three thicknesses, several sizes and colours. 


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Soneo Wall, a versatile system of sound-absorbent square panels. 

Soneo Wall is a versatile system of wall panels which offers freedom and the possibility to create personalized and sustainable soundscapes that satisfy your acoustic and visual needs. The panels can be freely arranged into different patterns and upholstered in a variety of colours. They are also available in three thicknesses, which can be combined to create more dynamic patterns.


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