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Abstracta Scala Ceiling Absorber

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Abstracta's Scala prevents sound waves from continuing upwards in the room, contributing to a more pleasant acoustic landscape in, for example, office or restaurant environment. This absorber is available with or without lighting (white or black stained ash). 

  • Includes wire kit for adjustable hanging.
  • Adjustable suspension height. 
  • LED lighting 3000 Kelvin, 1840 lumen.
  • Hung on hidden brackets. 
  • Made from compressed felt fabric with a sound absorbing core. 

Size of one absorber: 1600 x 1207 x 60

As low as R13 455,97
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The design of the sound-absorbent Scala is not only developed for visual reasons, but primarily to contribute to a softer soundscape. Scala is a playful paraphrase on corrugated iron that simultaneously employs the functionality of the shape.

Includes wire kit for adjustable suspension to the fittings on backside.

Available with or without integrated lighting (white or black stained ash). 230V input, LED lighting 3000 K, 1840 lm, scattering angle 120 °, 22 W. 

Size of one absorber: 1600 x 1207 x 60

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